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Hi, I'm pitbulljones. Musician. Made from pure awesome. You can check my music out on here, soundcloud, youtube, last.fm, reverbnation and a how host of other websites. My music is free to be used in films and games, just credit me accordingly!

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Fighting For Dynamism

Posted by pitbulljones - March 28th, 2020

You dipsticks need to sort your mixing on. I'm hunting down shite dynamics. VOLUME DOES NOT EQUATE QUALITY. You will learn. Oh you will learn.

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Out of curiosity, where exactly are they paying you to care about dynamics vs the current obsession with average lufs?

In my neck of the woods if the material is for tv broadcasting they want it at -23 and they're liable to throw on a limiter if it's not squashed to their satisfaction.

Same thing with singles, albums and eps ; it leaves my desk, it goes to a mastering engineer and they're going to crank it to a minimum of -8 if it's let's say pop, if it's trap it'll be -6 easy.

Nobody has any vested interest in my opinions. Though many do share my sentiments. If you have worked with tape, outboard processing and live instruments you truly appreciate just how difficult it is to get a good take and a dynamic one. All this modern computer music and those who have only known it as it is now, there is a fundamental lack, nay, ignorance afforded to range, level and warmth. Everything is just LOUD, I know why, to try and get heard over the other million LOUD tracks.

Peeps are sacrificing so much for too little gain. Thin EQ ranges. Soft panning. Just bang a beat, compress the life out of the track, brickwall the limiter and boom done. Nigh on nobody actually EQ's range to give room. Nobody even considers leveling to contrast. Who actually plays instruments anymore or knows mic technique?

Just because market dictates, does not mean you should screw fidelity. A musician worth their salt should strive for the most accurate representation of their sound. But nah, fruityloops fucking ruined it, every dicks a producer.