Entry #16

New Song!!! You're Good For Me

2015-02-03 13:16:12 by pitbulljones

Hey Newgrounds!


How are we all? Good? I hope so! I thought I'd post an update on life with me. The last few months have been a bit shitty, been having panic attacks and dealing with depression but thanks to the wonders of Western medicine I'm starting to get my mojo back. Off the back of this has been an upturn in my creative outback, I've bought a new Soundcard, speakers, keyboards, the works. I now have a proper home studio and have been recording stuff with my band as well as my own stuff. I have just uploaded my latest creation here on Newgrounds and Soundcloud and I would really love it if you guys would take just 5 minutes, have a listen and leave me that lovely feedback I know that you can do. 


Here's a link to the track




If you like my stuff then please say so and help support me by following me and spreading the gospel elsewhere. 


All the best guys,




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