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Not Bad.

I don't make flash, but i do play games and there was a couple of things i would have liked to be a bit different.

firstly i think the bat should be controlled by the arrow keys, or the number keys for smoother control as the bat kinda drifts with the mouse, it doesn't feel smooth or precise, it needs a feel of more instant control. either that or pin the board to the mouse. But using the arrow keys would restrict it's speed, something that you need in a 'pong' game.

The ball moving in random directions was kinda good, though as a practical gameplay element i think it should revolve around a 'power up' system rather than just randomly taking place, the onus would be on the player to take advantage of the phyics system. Plus knowing what the power up equated too, so you could prepare against it too.

A tournament mode would be a very good edition as well. Like a 10 game difficulty progression, the first obviously being easy, the last extremely hard. I think it would add some much needed depth to the game, a possible online multiplay would be excellent too but that is probably impractical.

The basic sounds were ok, they function well for the game. maybe a few effects for power up collecting, hitting the side walls and a sort of 'score' noise could add to the atmosphere. The music, is good tho, it suits the mood of the game. I thank you for using my tune. I did notice though once it had finished that it didnt loop, there was just silence after that, maybe you should loop it or add a few different tunes, some simple loops and what not.

Graphically it wasn't astounding, but they weren't too bad either, the bats looked good as did the board and ball, maybe a customisation of colours for the bat/ball would be nice and also an addition of a couple of different playing boards, they would just add touches of depth to the overall game.

overall though it's not bad, it needs a bit of work in places and has potential to develop into a very good game. I understand it'd probably hard to implement the things i suggested but if you could i think it would benefit the game significantly.

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oversword responds:

to do all those things to this game would be almost impossible. but i am working on a second part and have thought about some of these features and can definitely include almost all of them. however i have no idea in hell of how to create an Internet dual player...so that is off the list. i was looking through the rest of your tunes and could not really find another to fit the general atmosphere, but i have considered "insomnimaniac" and have not really looked that far into your collection, so, if you think u have one that would fit well i would be pleased to use it. i think ur music is excellent. :D. i definitely need to work on the music thing. i was having major problems cos i started the game from the main playing field and kinda worked my way backwards, which made my game a tangled mess of random bits of things.


it aint bad this, a bit repetitive and so on, the jumping about is really hard to grasp. i think an isometric view would considerably help make this game easier and more accessible. more work on the sprites and so on, the shadows are to small to notice to. not bad tho.

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stickgod1 responds:

work on the sprites is right,i'm looking for help on that

great job

loved this game, the simplicity of it makes it cool for a 10 minute frenzy, the dress up bit i thought was it, the game, then u make a lil dude and send him flying, made me giggle for a minute anyways. it shows you don't need fancy graphics to make a good game, top job, oh n thanks for using my audio too.

Denvish responds:

I told you I was going to use that track... it was just a matter of having a Flash that suited it, and I think this one did.



bloodlust bloodlust bloodlust, quench ur first, shoot things and keep goin, everything is ace about this game, it's all gravy man. im goin sittng down in a darkened room to calm down...........

welcome to the amiga lol

cool lil game there, a couple of gripes, i couldn't get any sound, so that wud b nice to have, erm maybe the cube cud b a character or something, i don't know, it kinda had a donkey kong feel, or pitfall, so a lil story even a tiny one wudnt go a miss, really enjoyed the game tho so don't worry, anyways keep it up and i hope to see an improved version some time soon.

ohhhhhhh.......fancy that.........

ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE ACE. Great style n content, a really well thought out game. It shows that to make a great game, not a good one, you only need one thing and thats playability. This games eats and shits it lol. my only gripe is that it only had one world to play, but hey beggars cant be chosers, i'd love to see this developed further, christ id even pay to play it. TOP NOTCH STUFF, keep it up.

it's all gravy

kinda gets zelda down to a tee, cept for the fighting n that which there aint any lol. animations gud, gameplay strangely is gud, generally all gud innit. worth a laff as well.

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