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wot can i say really??????

im an atheist, religion doesn't mean shit to me, it's all bollocks n its what fucks up humanity at the end of the day, this was hard hitting, lets hope as a civilisation we don't fuck things up, to be honest i cant see any light down the tunnel, n it hurts man, we've gotta face this head on, the ones who want peace, not thru violence, not thru bombing the shit out of other nations, thats just fucking wrong, FUCKING WRONG YOU HEAR, all you pro christians, muslims, jews, fucking seikhs, u got it all wrong, religion is the corrupter of power, power is the denominator of the masses, why the fuck don't we all peace the fuck out, we're all people at the end of day, we just want to get along and porgress, theres no need for a fight man, we are all equal.

Boners Avenger Boners Avenger

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summat a lil different

cool lil ting goin on there, it does kinda get the point across about bad reviews, u'll probably get bad reviews from the people who u featured innit, im just glad i aint in there, ive given sum bad uns meself, anyways im gonna think twice about giv really shity reviews to summat thats crap, it's cos they want turd of the week don't they, they'll still hit front page lol, god me and my simple lil mind, anyways that were pretty cool.

Starberry responds:

i dunno what you've said but i know what it's like to get turd of the week oh and none of the reviews in this movie were to any of my movies!! wow!!

KGB Killing KGB Killing

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go go kgb

nice animation there man, with the grainyness n that, hav u tried it in black and white to see how it looks? anyways, the sound effects were ace. load n clear with no crackle or anything very impressed the only issue i have was with the soundtrack, christ man it got sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying hearing that loop over and over and you hadnt beat matched it so everytime the loop began it was a lil out of sync, if you can't do audio man ask someone on this site can, hell im a music producer i'd do it for you, anyways it was a cool animation, the story was a lil on the short side a part two wud be gud, anyways keep it up hoe to see more of your stuff.

Intsz responds:

Haven't tried black&white... think it would fit better, it would hide my graphics a bit ;)

BlunderCats BlunderCats

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i havent stopped laughing for days since i watched this, anyone who remembers thundercats is gonna giggle there arse off, well done on this, keep it up.

boy boy

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now what did he buy????????

cool style, nice mesh of colour which u rarely see, i don't get the actually concept, maybe there isn't one or i just missed something, the soundtrack worked but you hadn't synced ur loop right so it glitched. but i did like it, so watch it peeps make ur own minds up.

5 Shots 5 Shots

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crudeness in a can

nice n short n sweet lol, u cant beat a gud joke can u. watch it n laff.

CowPuncherProduction responds:

Sometimes the short ones are all you need for a good laugh. Thanks for the review!

Cold Tap Cold Tap

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ambiguity is lost on me

rite well okay hmmmm. i didnt really get that totally, i got a few things from it, people being different and so forth being persecuted for not being the accepted norm, yet is it a comment on our society or just one's interpretation of how he percieves society to be? Anyways, i loved the actual style of it, syncing it to the music n that, and that juddering thing that went on, god that near induced an epileptic fit on me, very nausaus but cool. the soundtrack worked, added some meaning to the context of the piece, its worth a watch peeps, not so much as some others but its worth a watch at least. overall a gud job.

notorious responds:

well as for the comment i guess it's an interpretation of how one percieve's society to be, since we all have a different interpretation of it. Thanks for the very informative review!

Smile! Smile!

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It's smile time.......

mmmmmmmmm........that was dark, i mean man that was DARK. i love bnw animation anyways, but that was a cool concept. makes u think, which is always a gud thing. The animation was superb, slick n nicely stylised, eerie sound track too, just looping, gets right under your skin. it just really put me on edge, which for a cartoon is pretty impressive, but well done. peeps watch it n get a lil disturbed. i could rant for hours about its context in the modern day society, media student n all but i wont. just take a look n take something from it.

The Real Legend 2 The Real Legend 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

zelda:the mard arse

that were really gud, a nice piss take of the zelda games, graphics were ace, sound was gud, the overall idea was gud, watch it peeps hav a giggle, theres far worse stuff on this site to waste ur time with.

Final Fantasy A+ Final Fantasy A+

Rated 4 / 5 stars

if only skool was like this id have turned up

watched this a few days ago before i signed up n it made me giggle, it's all gud vo man, really liked it and the animations gud, the sounds gud, its all gud man. basically just watch it if ur a fan of final fantasy n u'll laff ur cotton socks off, even if you aint u'll sti;; enjoy it. gud job.