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Hi, I'm pitbulljones. Musician. Made from pure awesome. You can check my music out on here, soundcloud, youtube, last.fm, reverbnation and a how host of other websites. My music is free to be used in films and games, just credit me accordingly!

35, Male

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Posted by pitbulljones - July 30th, 2010


Posted by pitbulljones - January 20th, 2009

Hello everyone,

Quick update here, currently in the final stages of a new song to be released soon, will be part of a game i have been a part of previously don't exact dates yet but it's gonna be a big one so keep your ears and eyes peeled.


Posted by pitbulljones - January 20th, 2008

Alreet ladies and gentlemen, just a wee update from you pet dog. I've made inroads into starting the grown up part of my life and am currently starting to train up as a teacher of media and english, get me eh? I don't have as much time to float about on this site now but i do pop on as and when i can.

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year, i wonder how many of you have kept to those resolutions that you made.....

Just uploaded a new song today, my first of the year, kinda in a bit of a lull music wise, everything sounds the same but i suppose with a bit of work that will change over the coming months. Go have a listen and give me your thoughts as to how it goes.

On a side note if anyone is interested in making a music video for a song or two of mine please do, new artwork is something i am after too.

Soooooooooo how is everyone????

Posted by pitbulljones - December 17th, 2007


Posted by pitbulljones - November 1st, 2007

I've been away for a while i know. I'll be away for some time still to come. Mainly because i have to work full time. There's other reasons besides. Been dealing with a bereavement plus a few more personal demons. Mainly alchohol and some fiendish mind states. Hence to say I haven't been 100% for a while, just sort of 'getting on' with things. That British stiff upper lip and shit. I don't know when i'm gonna be 100% again, that's the worrying thing.

Anyways i have put up a few tracks in the last few weeks, which has helped me considerably, i'm never happy when other stuff takes that away from me, so it's been a good exercise being able to express myself in the medium i'm most comfortable with.

There's no 'real' point to this post i know, just some random ramblings, but i thought i'd explain a few things incase some of you wanted to know.

On a lighter side, my music is starting to gain a bit more exposure, been featured in a few films and animations away from this site and i am being used in a theatre production in manchester. Always nice to be liked innit....

By all means click by my music theres plenty of stuff there that could do with some reviews from you all.

Take it easy NGers, hopefully i'll have a bit more time on my hands come xmas to say hello to a few people.


Posted by pitbulljones - August 6th, 2007

Yep you heard right, the pitbull got out of his kennel and bang together a tune, Finding That Something Special

It's quite an emotive tune in my humble opinion, and actually has 2 distinctly different parts. Theres a little monologue from myself sounds good, if the lyrics are a little unclear by all means ask me and i'll tell you what they are. Anyways go check it out whenever you have a moment.


Posted by pitbulljones - July 28th, 2007

Well hello there! How is everyone doing on this pretty nice saturday morning? Firstly i must apologise to all those who have wrote reviews/pm's to me as i have been rather busy lately and still am. I've been on a major job hunt, with a serious lack of results but something is gonna come up soon. I promise i'll respond to you all within the week. On a personal level i've given up smoking after 10 years, yep started at 13. Bad boy. It's been 6 days but i feel fine, people who complain they can't do it, you are all liars, people who just don't want to quit. Tis your health at the end of the day, do a little read on wikipedia and you'll see how bad they are.

I have to say this redesign is looking good, at first i wasn't so keen on the audio portal, how it functioned, but after browsing for a couple of days it does feel 'better', similar to the flash portal in ways and it seems to be finally getting the attention it deserves. Voting and plays have risen markedly, downloads are pretty much the same and reviews have picked up too. The removal of PX9 is a good one too, i think everyone was getting sick to the teeth with the same tunes, so playing the weekly top 5 is definately the way forward. There are still a couple of little niggles but nothing to cry over.

Anyways. Like i said, I have been away for about a month, one of the reasons is a musically dry spell, just dropped out of production for a while and have put time back into my guitar which has been rewarding, developing my lead skills and also some nice chord sequences that may feature in future songs.

I have a couple of favours to ask of you's if you would be so kind. The first one is to have a listen through my songs, and PM me with your top 4-5 tracks, I am making a demo for a couple of labels that have expressed and interest. I'd like to know what you lot out there think works rather than me go with what are my favourite productions. Cheers.

Secondly, Can you go to this site and generate some plays for me please? theres a chance i can get on the radio with enough listens, a small chance but it's still worth it.

Annnnnnnnnnd finally. Last night i was locked away in my studio for the first time in a while and i strung together A NEW SONG! It's pretty good considering i aint done anything for a while, so toddle over to my page and check my new un out, give me some reviews and honest criticism. also for those who've never listened to my music then i recommend you should, you may well be surprised.

Thanks for your time ladies and gents, I hope your weekend is a pleasurable one and don't do anything that i wouldn't do.